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This website is the perfect place to tell you about my creative path, about what inspires me to create new artworks, about my plans for the future. I will also share my experience about technique and what materials I used. 


If my work inspires you, and you will take up paints, pencils and pastels, I will consider my mission a success.


About me

My parents kept my children's albums carefully. My first watercolor painting was at the age of 3.5.  

To develop my abilities, I was enrolled in the Youth Centre (Dom yunogo tvorchestva). It was my first encounter with color, composition, simple rules of imaging the objects. Then I was admitted to the Children's Art School, where I gained knowledge of drawing, painting, composition, sculpture and art history. 

I chose, in my opinion, not quite right Higher Educational Institution, but I entered the Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Construction in the major "Architecture". 
Having architectural education helps to feel comfortable in the depiction of urban landscapes.  This is my favorite type of creative trend.


I paint nature, portraits, still life with great interest. 
I use watercolor and pastel techniques.


I am a member of the NATIONAL PASTEL SOCIETY OF RUSSIA, St. Petersburg Society of Watercolorists, the Association "Are du pastel en France".

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